Not a single hotel has signed up to 'quarantine class' so far?


British Government asked the chain hotels to accept possible infected foreigners who come in the UK to go all under one roof for 11 days, where they clean their own toilets, rooms and bedsheets. 

They ask the chain hotels to change their business model from a resting, clean, safe and comfortable experience to a virus hub where people visiting get a detainee working experience for 11 days and where they can catch a potentially deadly virus on their way out.

Government think there is a business model to be offered to hotels. Creating a quarantine hub in their multimillion buildings in exchange for short term cash paid by taxpayers, with confidence in high return from merely taking the cards details from the foreigners quarantined.

They think there is a long term solution to the present crises for the hospitality industry's benefit, stamping a 'covid star' in the hotel class.

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